Google Knowledge Graph Carousel – A New Feather in the Hat of Google

As we all know about the worldwide fame of Google, it is spreading with time and for true reasons. The latest addition to the collection of Google is their Google Knowledge Graph Carousel.

Have you ever thought how wonderful it would have been if you would have got the picture of something you are reading about, both at the same time? Well, this latest addition of Google lets Carousel images to be displayed in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP).

Google Knowledge Graph CarouselFacility of Carousel Images

For those who are related with SEO, everyone knows about the importance of the term ‘KEYWORD’. This type of image displays the result according to the latest search queries defined upon the keywords you have searched for.

For those who are not related to SEO, here’s a simple example –

If you are searching about Brad Pitt, you could have been searching for ‘Brad Pitt Wallpaper’, ‘Brad Pitt Latest Movies’, ‘Brad Pitt kids’, and many more. The above terms will also be displayed just above the search results with appropriate series of images.

So, the ultimate word is that Google has made the job of typing long words and searching them a lot easier than before. Time seems so expensive to us now days that even we, the human beings are getting addicted to multi-tasking.

Though the actual project was said to be launched almost a year ago, it seems to become more and more popular in the recent days.

After all those words, it seems needless to say about the advantages of the Google Knowledge Graph Carousel. It saves your time, lets you to be the master of your search and also lets you to purify it and bring out the best.

Moreover, the Carousel Image lets us to give equal importance to the search results in a page that was not possible before.

Are you looking for any disadvantages? Well, congratulations to anyone if you can ever find one.

So, all in all, the latest addition to Google family, the Google Knowledge Graph Carousel deserves special praise without any doubt, for making the search engine more of a human kind.

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