Latest Updates of Google Analytics

Google is not only famous for its search engine, but also the owner of various products that they love to play and edit.

Those who work in the field of digital marketing spend their most of the time navigating and understanding about the vast scope of Google Analytics, which is extremely helpful in discovering insights and unpacking data.

Latest Upgrades of Google Analytics - professional organic seo expert kolkataRecently, several changes were made in Analytics which have proven to be effective largely. So, before the changes find you, let’s take a closer look on the four major changes that have taken place in the Google Analytics –

  1. Redesign of Google Analytics – this change has been made in broader sense, yet, its impact is fruitful. The interface has been cleaned up, the menus have been rearranged, and lots of functionality has been added up. Access to the old format is temporarily available. The important change that one can notice in the design is that it has become much simpler than before. Though some of the popular functionalities have been removed at the initial stage of redesigning, executives from Google have clearly stated that they will soon be re-instituting the popular features that have been disabled. The new design lacked the ability to export report as PDF, which has been added back recently.
  2. Real-Time Data Reporting – this one is one of the most exciting features that are included in the Google Analytics for the first time. You can find this feature under the Home menu as Real-time (beta). This will greatly help you to track the traffic towards your website and also make you aware about how the traffic might go up or down in the near future. Packed up with lots of potential, this is one of the best things introduced.
  3. Search Engine Optimization Insights – this too is a helpful addition made in the Analytics and can be found under the ‘Traffic Sources’ option. With the help of this option, you can view Search Queries, Landing Pages, and Geographic Summaries once you have synchronized your Webmaster tool profile with the Analytic Profile. You will be asked to do this simple task once you try to access any menu of Search Engine Optimization.
  4. Integrated G+ – you will find this new addition under the ‘Audience’ menu where there is a new addition named ‘Social’. With the help of this thing, you can monitor each and everything of your website. Though it is not a complete feature regarding social world, but it can definitely be the starting of a new era.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly a great tool but in order to get the best of it, you have to retain your investigation so that you can see the whole picture, whereas the above tips are just the starting.

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