5 Things That Are Still Illegal About Facebook Promotions

Facebook has updated in many ways. Do you know all of their updates? Are you really want to promote your business via Facebook? As we all know in the recent days Social Media Websites has become the “Super-Power” in the world of Digital Marketing. But we should follow their Rules & regulation to get their maximum benefits. Facebook is the largest platform in the world of Social Media by which one can get huge response for their business.

Facebook has recently announced their most recent significant update in  last August. As per their new promotional guidelines, “Page Admins” are no longer required to use apps to host contests and promotions on Facebook. This update is really a big deal, as businesses and brands are now officially allowed to host promotions on Facebook.
5 Things That Are Still Illegal for facbook promotions
Here Are The 5 Most Important Rules You Need To Follow When You Are Hosting a Promotion Plan on Facebook Timeline:


Rule #1:Personal Timelines of an user can’t be used to administer promotions, that is, you can’t require a user to share something on their personal Timeline or a friend’s Timeline.


Rule #2: You can’t ask your followers to tag themselves in any photos in exchange for a chance to win a prize of a competition.

Rule #3: If you want to pay to promote your Timeline contest, you can’t avoid the 20% text rule which is as follows: ads and sponsored stories in the News Feed may not include images comprised of more than 20 % text.

Rule #4: You need to specify all the terms and eligibility requirements – which you can found in Facebook Page Terms, Section E 1 & 2

Rule #5: You must follow all the state & international rules governing the promotion and all prizes offered.

To stay up to date on all the latest updates, here are a few resources:

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