About Me

Organic SEO Expert AtanuHi this is Atanu, Your most trusted Organic SEO expert with the utmost passion for achieving the golden goal of life. I love to take up challenges. I always believe that perseverance and the willingness to learn more are the escalating steps to success. Tuning with Author Roxanne Emmerich’s words, “You can never improve your performance when you already think that you have arrived at perfection“, I always try to explore my abilities to their fullest potential. I am currently working as Digital Marketing Analyst in SERP Consultancy Services. My hobbies are Photography, Guitar, Computer Games, Music, Singing and creates designs. I love my profession and totally passionate about it! I think “SEO” is just like to do Painting on a board – totally Creative.

Here you can find some of my Job Responsibilities –seo is my passion

★ Account Planning
★ Digital Media Strategy
★ Brand Reputation Management
★ Media planning
★ Social Media Planning
★ Online Reputation Management
★ Google Adwords Account Planning and Management
★ Technical site analysis
★ User Interface optimization
★ Online tracking and reporting systems

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