Client’s Testimonials


Atanu provides essential SEO and social media services for any size of website owner at a very competitive price. Atanu stands behind all his work and you will not be disappointed with his outstanding customer service and excellent follow-up on every project. The reason I chose Atanu for our business solutions is simple, its all about his enthusiastic service. You ask for something and it gets done.
– Roger Stewart


Atanu is one of the most honest and good spirited SEOs I have ever met. In an industry where fly-by-night and shady companies take advantage of customers lack of knowledge, Atanu stands out as a trusted and reliable alternative and a great pleasure to work with. Atanu has successful handled several design and optimization projects for my company and left me feeling extremely fortunate to have found him as a resource.
Fabiano Smith


We hired Atanu to run a critical SEO project. The site we were trying to rank for was in a very competitive market. Atanu did the research, planning, and implementation and produced excellent results. I have been working with Atanu for about 4 months and continue to engage him for my upcoming projects.
Lokesh Bhat

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