New Update: Twitter Releases Its Facebook-Like Profile Redesign – Do You Get Yours?

Atanu Das  seo expert Kolkata on Twitter

Twitter is now rolling out a huge redesign of their user’s profiles on Tuesday (8th April, 2014). Twitter was testing this new looks in last February – this year, adds different important user information and many new features — and it looks quite similar to Facebook profiles.

The new profile of Twitter includes a larger user photo (automatically cropped and resized) and a customized header image (One can use almost 1500X1500 resolution images). In this segment, Twitter highlights one’s tweets that have the most engagement & replies, slightly larger than the other tweets. You can also pin one of your tweets to the top of the page just like the Facebook Page. More over, you can now choose which timeline to show / view when you are  checking out a profile page of some user. You can see all your tweets, photos and videos only, or just your tweets and the replies.

The similarities of Twitter’s new user profiles to Facebook’s profile page – almost looks the same. There’s a square size profile image in the top left, and a large “cover” photo (1500X1500 pixel) on top portions of both pages. The only difference of the new Twitter Profile and the Facebook Page is that – Photos are placed below of your followers, whereas the Facebook has its other way around. It’ll be really interesting to see what the Twitter users think of this new re-design.

The new profile design is already live  for many users. Even I have recently update my profile with the newer version. Hopefully the rest of users will have their brand new profile very SOON!

How Do The Social Signals Work in SEO?

There are more than hundreds ranking factors that affect in the SERP, directly or indirectly. Some of these factors are the keywords in URLs, the Meta-title tags, the H1, H2 tags, the quality of the content in the website, the variation of the anchor texts, the keyword density, the over optimization, keyword stuffing, the quality of backlinks,  the time spent on a website, website architecture – All these factors ideally combined to each other and can bring you the optimal results.

There is a brand new factor that plays an important role in the year of 2013 – are the “Social Signals” – coming from various social networking sites,  micro-blogging sites, social bookmarking services such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram,  Plurk, Friendfeed, StumbleUpon etc.

How Do The “Social Signals” Work?


Here we can see that the social networks are interlinked

In other words we can say that if a user posts a comment on Pinterest – he/she can further share his/her comment on the personal Twitter or in a Facebook Page and can reach much more greater audience.

In simple words this is how it works:

Accounts on  Pinterest  -> Comments on Pinterest  -> The user can share its comment on their Twitter & Facebook profile / page -> Some of the user’s (depending on his/her influence) friends and followers see the comment and disseminate the original comment through their social media accounts.

Another factor that applies in the cases like Twitter, g+, Pinterest, is the followers and following. It can be depicted by those you follow and you are being followed.  For an example, on Twitter, if you follow 50 users and you are being followed by 1,00,000 users it is obvious that your business is much more influential and the content is considered as trustworthy and reliable.

As of 2010, major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing have publicly admitted that SOCIAL SIGNALS are another ranking factor. This means that when your content is being shared by other users via social media channels, it  consists of a social vote of confidence of users to your account.

Am I correct guys? What is your opinion?